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The development trend of rubber additives

time:2021-09-16 writer:Liaoning Chenxi Additives Technology Co., Ltd.

   my country's rubber additives product structure continues to be adjusted, the industrial concentration continues to increase, green manufacturing is progressing in an orderly manner, and prices and profits are declining. In the next few years, my country's tire industry will show a trend of medium-to-low growth, and the development speed of my country's rubber additives will decline. The development of my country's rubber additives industry should be driven by innovation to drive the development of new additives, promote clean technology, promote high-tech manufacturing strategies through the integration of automation and information technology, and resolve excess capacity through mergers and reorganizations.

  Ensure harmless production. In the process of tire processing, rubber must undergo refining and vulcanization processes. Under the action of high temperature and high pressure, some toxic and harmful gases will be released. These gases are harmful to people's health. To improve the working environment of operators and reduce toxic and harmful gases, one of the important points is to eliminate toxic and harmful rubber additives and adopt environmentally friendly rubber additives.

   The tires continue to be subjected to high temperature and high pressure during use, causing the tires to age with ozone and release some harmful gases. The United States has taken advantage of this to set up barriers to the export of tires from some Chinese tire companies. The Bridgestone Tire Company of Japan has developed a unique additive to inhibit the continuous cross-linking reaction of sulfur and rubber molecules due to heat generation in the tire to make the tire rubber harder, which improves the tire’s braking performance and traction. Performance and tire noise.

   Tire noise is also a kind of environmental pollution. Thousands of cars passing by on a road without stopping will resonate, and this noise will affect people's rest and sleep. It is a negative method to set up noise isolation belts on both sides of urban elevated roads. Fundamentally speaking, we still need to improve the tire structure and rubber formula.

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